Important Points To Discuss With Your HVAC Dealer When You're Ready To Replace Your Old System

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When you want to install a new HVAC system, you have a lot of decisions to make. It's good to get help and advice from an HVAC dealer so you make a wise investment and make a choice that you'll be happy with for many years. Here are a few things to discuss with the HVAC dealer.

Making The Switch To Gas

If you've been using an electric heating system, you may be thinking of switching to gas so you can save money on your heating bills. Making the switch takes careful consideration because you may not be able to recoup your costs even though your monthly energy costs will be lower. First, check that natural gas is available in your location. Then, find out if you have lines and hookups already. If you don't have gas lines, installing them will add to the cost of your new HVAC system considerably. However, if you're renovating and you plan to upgrade to other gas appliances too, then switching your furnace over might be a good idea.

Choosing A Ductless System

If your home doesn't have ducts already, then you'll have to add them for a forced-air heating and cooling system. However, you have the option of installing a ductless HVAC system. Talk to the HVAC dealer about the pros and cons of each choice and whether you can even install ducts in your home. If your home already has ducts, then have the HVAC company check them to see if they can be used with the new unit you plan to buy because it will save money if you can keep the old ducts.

Selecting An Energy-Efficient HVAC System

You probably want an HVAC system that keeps you comfortable without driving up your power bill. One thing that helps is to have your HVAC system sized properly by a professional. Another thing you can do is check the ratings on the HVAC system you're thinking of buying. Be sure the unit is Energy Star–rated, and you may also want to check SEER, EER, and HSPF ratings. You may need help understanding these values and what they mean when it comes to the performance of the HVAC system, the operating cost, and the price of the unit. Depending on your climate and the insulation in your home, you may not need the most energy-efficient unit on the market.

The HVAC dealer can help you find the right balance for energy efficiency. If you're upgrading an HVAC system that's several years old, even the minimum energy efficiency required to be awarded the Energy Star logo could be an improvement over what you have now.