How To Make Your Summer Cooling More Efficient With Ductless AC And Evaporative Cooling

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With summer coming soon, you want to be prepared for the cooling costs. If you are updating the AC in your home, there are also some energy-efficient improvements that you will want to consider to help you save on energy costs. A combination of ductless AC and evaporative cooling is a great way to keep your home cool and comfortable and save energy.

Using Ductless AC Systems for Efficient Cooling in A Modern Home

Ductless AC systems are a great choice for energy-efficient cooling in your home, but they need to have the right design. If you are considering adding air conditioning to an unfinished space, a single unit is a great choice, but this may not be the best choice for a home with zoned air conditioning design. Today, there are options for mini-split systems, which are divided with one-or-more air handlers inside your home. This design would be a more practical solution to replace a conventional HVAC system with air ducts.

The Right Way to Use Evaporative Cooling to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Evaporative cooling is a great addition to a home with ductless AC systems, but it has to have the right design and be used correctly. What many people forget is that for evaporative cooling to be effective it needs to have low humidity and good ventilation. Therefore, you will only want to use the evaporative cooler during the driest days of the year and use the ductless air conditioner during days when the humidity is higher outside.

Using A Combination System to Cool Your Home More Efficiently with Both Designs

Another option for homes in climates that are warm and dry most of the year is to use a combination system. These are systems that use an evaporative cooler to keep your home cool when it is dry and will switch to conventional AC when the weather outside is humid. It is important to remember that when your evaporative cooler is running, you will want to crack windows for good ventilation, so that the system cools effectively and moisture from the humidity that the evaporative cooler produces does not cause problems in your home.

With a good design and responsible use of household cooling systems, your home will be comfortable and your energy bills lower. If you need help with the design and installation of the combination of ductless AC and evaporative cooling for your home's air conditioning, contact an air conditioner service and talk to them about these options.