Essential Central A/C System Maintenance For Asthma Sufferers

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If you or a family member suffers from asthma, you want to do everything possible to reduce any triggers that may exacerbate symptoms or lead to an attack. One way you can help is by performing the following essential maintenance on your home's central air conditioning system.

Clean the Exterior of the Air Conditioning Unit

On the outer casing of your outdoor air conditioning unit, there are vents that draw air into the system so that it may be cooled by the condenser. However, along with this air, pollen, grass particles, and dust can infiltrate the system, causing it to contaminate the air that you or your loved one breathes.

The first part of your A/C maintenance should include wiping the vents on the unit to remove these potential triggers to reduce the amount that enters your home. Also, every time you mow the lawn, use a broom to knock off any grass that has landed on or near the vents.

Change the Filter at Least Once a Month

Another thing you can do to help reduce the number of asthma triggers circulating throughout your home is to change the A/C system's filter at least once a month. While filters are designed to remove dust, pollen, and other airborne particulates from the air, these contaminants eventually build up inside the fibers.

When the fibers become blocked, they are no longer able to keep up with the number of particulates that pass through them, allowing the triggers to flow through your home. You can keep this from happening by replacing the filter with a fresh one at least once a month.

However, if you or your family member suffers from severe asthma, you may want to change the filter once every two or three weeks. Also, you may want to contact an A/C service to discuss your options for using a HEPA filter or installing a HEPA system. This type of filter or system removes even smaller particles from the air.

Vacuum and Wipe Your Home's Interior Vents

Finally, as part of your A/C system maintenance, you should vacuum and wipe your home's vents to remove any particulates that have settled inside. Also, remove the vents themselves so you can wipe as much of the ductwork surfaces as possible.

However, you can only reach down inside the ducts so far. Once or twice a year, have a service professionally clean the ductwork to get rid of any residual dust and pollen.

Performing the above maintenance on your home's central air conditioning system could help reduce your asthma symptoms. For more information about maintaining your system, contact a residential AC services company.