Did Your Vintage Home Come With A Vintage Furnace? Tips For Getting More Efficiency From An Aging Furnace

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Whether purchased or inherited, vintage homes offer a different living experience than many more recently constructed homes. Often filled with gleaming woodwork, large windows, and intricate details, these older homes provide many benefits. Unfortunately, the heating system is not always one of these benefits. If you are struggling with your older home's current heating system but not yet in a position to replace it, the following tips can help you make it work as efficiently as possible. 

Look for issues with the duct work that could be contributing to furnace efficiency issues

Older duct work can be a real problem that affects the efficiency of the entire heating system. This is especially true when the ducts have been modified during a past remodeling project or extended to serve a new addition to the home. Older ducts also may have been crushed or damaged through the years, making them leak or unable to allow the forced air furnace to effectively push air to all areas of the home. Visible clues of these types of duct issues include: 

  • gaps between sections or obvious repair attempts to seams
  • places where the ducts have been crushed or constricted
  • a mix of different size ducts that are causing a choke-point that limits air flow

Even ducts that look undamaged may not be allowing air to move freely due to a clogged duct. Homeowners who want to see what is in their ducts can do so easily by removing vent covers in several areas of their home and inserting their smart phone down into the duct to snap a flash photo of the interior. If the photos show that the ducts are dirty or have clogged areas, having them cleaned can be helpful in restoring efficiency to the heating system. 

Replace the thermostat and make sure all occupants are using it correctly

If the home is still using an older thermostat, switching to a modern, programmable model can be helpful in boosting efficiency in an older furnace system. When programming it, make sure that it is set correctly to take advantage of your households actual schedule by dropping the temperature of the home whenever the family is typically away for the day. It can also be helpful to enlist the help of each family member in making sure that no one is making any random adjustments to the settings that can result in less efficient heat. 

Older furnaces with efficiency issues can also require more frequent filter changes and maintenance. To learn more about increasing the efficiency of an older furnace, homeowners can rely on a reputable heating repair contractor to help them troubleshoot and improve their system or explore the benefits of replacing it.