How to Clean Your Heat Exchanger & Fan

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When winter is here and you are pumping your heat for many hours of the day, you are bound to see big spikes on your utility bills. But, does it seem like these spikes are even more dramatic than they used to be? If it seems like it is costing more money to run your heater than it used to, it probably is due to poor maintenance. That is, your heater is probably going to become less and less efficient over the years, especially if you don't properly clean and maintain it. This article explains what homeowners need to do in order to keep their heater as efficient as possible. It should ultimately help you keep your utility bills from getting bigger every year.

Furnace Cabinet

The key to a healthy heater is making sure that your furnace cabinet is clean. The furnace is responsible for several key functions in your heat. First of all, the furnace cabinet houses the heat exchanger, which is basically responsible for making the air hot. It also houses the blower, which is responsible for pumping this hot air into your ducts, and heating your home. So, cleaning the inside of your furnace, and focusing on the heat exchanger fan is going to ultimately make your system more efficient. Both the heat exchanger and blower or easy to find. Their locations partly depend on the brand of your furnace.

Fan Compartment

The fan compartment usually has a separate door that you need to open in order to access. Once you open the door, you can't miss the large fan blades. Cleaning out this entire compartment is going to be helpful. Even just vacuuming the fan blades and the sidewalls of the compartment is beneficial because it prevents this dusty air for being circulated into the air ducts.

Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is a system of pipes that snake back and forth. This metal component is easy to spot and easy to clean. That is, cleaning the outside of your heat exchanger is easy. If there is a crack, you will need to have it professionally serviced. You should never try and clean the inside of your heat exchanger. In fact, if you think that the pipes are cracked, you should have an HVAC professional like Augusta Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning come to your house immediately, and definitely don't turn on your furnace. With a clean heat exchanger and furnace fan, your heating system is going to be a little more efficient.