Maintenance Planning Points For The Colder Seasons

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As the colder months arrive, it's important to take stock of your air conditioning and heating situation. Soon, you won't have many options aside from turning the heat on, and if you're going to prepare the heating, you may as well plan on air conditioning maintenance as well. Here are a few problem and maintenance points to consider as the seasons begin their shift into more consistent cold weather while you still have relative comfort.

First Heating Of The Season

Turning an existing heater installation on for the first time and months can be a choking situation. At best, you'll deal with an odd smell as dust and other debris burns against the heating unit. At worst, there may be some toxic fumes moving through the vents and filling the building.

Different people have different levels of tolerance for the smoke and fumes that may fill the air, and you need to be especially careful if you're sharing a home or operating a business. Especially if there is a new baby at home, you may not be able to fully understand the breathing problems of others. It could turn into a cough nuisance, a doctor's visit, or a medical emergency that can ruin everyone's day whether they're directly involved or not.

Make sure to have the vents, duct work, and heating element cleaned before turning on the heating system. There may still be a slight residual burn, but it will be a lot less problematic than being combined with the dust and debris from months of no use.

Air Conditioning Maintenance During Colder Months

Since you're not using the air conditioning, this is a good time to have the unit serviced.

An air conditioning repair professional can look for any stressed components, burnt wires, or performance issues while the cooler days make the air conditioning unit unnecessary. In addition to checking for problems, the repair professional can provide suggestions on upgrades that may make the next year even more comfortable, or at least more cost effective.

You will need to attend to a few of the same issues as the heater as far as removing dust and debris, but if the heating and air conditioning use the same duct and vent paths, part of the job is taken care of. 

Contact an air conditioning repair, maintenance, and installation professional to discuss other options while the weather allows servicing without inconveniencing you too much. You can also visit a website like to learn more.