Common Boiler Issues And Problems

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A boiler is a highly effective device for both keeping your house warm and providing it with hot water. It can be very easy to overlook these systems until there are problems. To help you be prepared for handling these routine boiler issues, you should be informed about the most commonly encountered problems.

A Lack Of Warm Water

A common issue with boilers can be a lack of hot water. While it is normal for there to be less hot water during the summer months when you do not need the boiler for heat, you may encounter a situation where it fails to provide any hot water. One of the most common causes of this problem occurring can be from the pilot light going out. However, if you find the pilot light is still burning, the issue can be inside the unit. More precisely, it can be due to a faulty heating element in the system. In addition to being without hot water, you will also find that the boiler will fail to provide sufficient warmth when this problem is occurring.

Loud Noises

Noises coming from the boiler can be indicative of numerous problems. For example, you will find that the boiler will produce a grinding or clunking noise while it is being used. These noises will frequently be attributed to sediment accumulations. Over time, these substances can solidify so that they will form a single solid mass. In addition to producing very loud noises, this could also damage the interior of the unit. Fortunately, this problem is fairly easy to correct as you can drain the boiler and clean the interior of it by scraping out the sediment accumulations.

Burning Odors

Another problem that your boiler may experience is a burning odor being produced when it is running. While this problem can be extremely disturbing, it can be a fairly common issue. This is especially true for gas or oil burning boilers as the pilot light will collect residue, and if this residue starts to ignite, it could contribute to this odor. Cleaning the burner will remove these residues, which should stop this smell. For those that have electric boilers, this odor may be more serious as it could indicate that the wiring is compromised. Due to the serious risk of suffering electrocution, it can be hazardous for those without the appropriate training or equipment to repair electrical systems. Luckily, you can contact a boiler repair service like Rickett Industrial Environmental Systems that will be able to visit your home to fix the boiler.