Ways To Make Air Conditioning More Comfortable For Your Customers

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One of the problems with providing air conditioning in a commercial building is that you have to deal with a major change in temperature when coming inside on a hot day. People who were dressed in tanks and shorts outside have to deal with inside temperatures that feel comparatively icy. This can make them uncomfortable and keep them from coming back, or make them less likely to spend as much time in the building. Finding the right combination of warmth and cooling isn't that difficult, though. By making the interior of the building more cooling-friendly, you can leave the temperature a little higher, and make visitors and workers feel more comfortable.

Keep the Doors and Windows Closed

It can't be said enough. If you have the air conditioner on, keep exterior doors and windows closed. Don't let the cold air out and the hot air in. All you do when you leave a door or window open is make the air conditioning unit work a lot harder and blow more cold air out the vents, only to have that cold air rush right out. You can't keep the exterior doors closed permanently, of course; people still have to get out of the building. But don't brace them open, even a little bit, unless there's an urgent situation like a foul smell that you need to air out of the building. If everything else in the building is normal, though, keep the doors and windows closed.

Place Seating Away From Vents

If any part of the building has seating areas, such as a waiting room for a doctor's office, place the seating away from vents. It's OK to have air conditioning vents in the same area, but if the vent is blowing cold air directly onto the seats, anyone sitting there could become very uncomfortable and start experiencing allergylike symptoms, such as watery eyes or a runny nose.

Install Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans help distribute the cooler air more efficiently, making it less necessary to set the thermostat at a very low temperature. By adding a working ceiling fan to the room, you can keep the overall temperature higher, which would be more comfortable for those dressed for the hotter temperatures outdoors while still providing a nice breeze.

If you still get complaints from customers and workers that the building is freezing inside, and you can't seem to find the right balance, have an air conditioning repair company that works on commercial systems check out the compressor, thermostat, and other parts. It could be something in the system is failing and sending out air that's too cold no matter what setting the thermostat is on.