4 Tips For Keeping Your Air Conditioning In Good Shape

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The key to being able to stay as comfortable in your home as possible during the summer months will rest in having air conditioning. This will allow you to feel your best when the temperature outside is sweltering. However, there are certain things you will need to do that will protect your AC unit and allow it to perform as it should. Knowing some tips that will enable your AC to work for you when you need it the most is ideal. 

Tip #1: Get it maintained

Taking time to rely on the expertise of an HVAC professional is sure to pay off for you. It's ideal to agree to an annual maintenance plan that will keep your unit in the best possible condition.

Listed below are some things this service can accomplish:

1.    Lubricate the rotating parts of your unit.

2.    Check the state of the unit.

3.    Clean out the condenser.

4.    Ensure that no parts need to be replaced.

Tip #2: Clean around the unit

You will want to be sure to keep any debris away from the outside unit. This can cause it to not function as well and could even contribute to damage over time.

Remove any weeds or leaves that start to accumulate around the unit. Additionally, you will want to avoid allowing tall grass to grow up near this area.

Tip #3: Change the filters

Going for long periods of time without replacing an old filter can cause you a great deal of grief. You may experience higher energy bills and less cooling in your home.

Be sure to put in a new filter at least every 90 days to help your unit run as well as possible.

Tip #4: Clean the air ducts

It's not unusual for the dust to accumulate around your air ducts. This can build up over time and decrease the cool air you will get in your home. Be sure to clean these to help you get the best performance possible from your AC unit.

Additionally, you will want to keep the ducts open at all times because even having one closed can put a strain on your unit.

Working to ensure your comfort during the summer months is sure to be one thing you will want to do in your home. There are many ways to accomplish this goal, and you may be able to save energy in the process. Be sure to call on an HVAC contractor if you do have any breakdowns that may need repairing to allow you to remain cool when necessary. Check out websites like http://dalesheatingandappliance.com/ for more information.